SICOT-J - Forthcoming

  • Evaluation of Infrapatellar Tendon Plication in Spastic Cerebral Palsy with Crouch Gait Pattern: A Pilot Study
    Mohamed Tageldeen Mohamed, Mohamed Elsobky, Mohamed Hegazy, Hassan M. Elbarbary, Mohamed Mostafa Abdelmohsen, Mostafa Elsherbini, Ahmed Samir Barakat and Nader M. Diab
    Accepted: 22/09/2020
  • Cell salvage within adult and pediatric idiopathic scoliosis surgery: A random cross-sectional study
    Omar Al-Mohrej, Bayan Al-Torbaq, Raed Hshem, Jason Sayer, Anwar M. Al-Rabiah and Zayed S. Al-Zayed
    Accepted: 22/09/2020
  • Soft tissue surgery as an initial treatment for hip displacement in spastic cerebral palsy.
    Patricia Maria de Morais Barros Fucs, Luiz Antonio Angelo Silva and Patrícia Maria de Morais Barros Fucs
    Accepted: 30/08/2020
  • Results of Meniscal Injuries Repair Using Different Arthroscopic Techniques
    Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Hatem Galal Said, Mohamed Abdel-Radi Abdel-Salam, Islam Karam-Allah Ramadan and Maher Abdel-Salam Ahmed
    Accepted: 11/08/2020