SICOT-J - Forthcoming

  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocols for Total Joint Replacement Surgery
    Maria Riga, Pavlos Altsitzioglou, Theodosis Saranteas and Andreas F. Mavrogenis
    Accepted: 22/09/2023
  • Can nutritional and inflammatory indices predict 90-day mortality in fragility hip fracture patients?
    Tal Frenkel Rutenberg, Avital Hershkovitz, Rana Jabareen, Maria Vitenberg, Efrat Daglan, Moti Iflah, Michael Drexler and Shai Shemesh
    Accepted: 22/09/2023
  • Correction of cubitus valgus and reconstruction of lateral humerus condylar defect using tricortical iliac graft in pediatric patients
    mohamed hussein fadel, mohamed hassan hashem and ahmed ramy
    Accepted: 01/09/2023
  • New measurement technique for restoration of the trochlear offset after image-based robotic-assisted total knee arthroplasty: a reliability study.
    Moussa KAFELOV, Jawhara FARHAT, Elvire SERVIEN, Sébastien LUSTIG and Cécile Batailler
    Accepted: 01/09/2023
  • Suprapatellar nailing in complex tibial fractures
    Dr Wasudeo M Gadegone, Piyush Waudeo Gadegone and Vijayanand Rameshchandra Lokhande
    Accepted: 13/08/2023