SICOT-J - Forthcoming

  • Ilio-psoas impingement with a dual-mobility liner: an original case report and review of literature
    Michel Henri Fessy, Louis Riglet, Laure-Lise Gras, Hadrien Neyra, Jean-Baptiste Pialat and Anthony Viste
    Accepted: 23/06/2020
  • Skeletal Involvement in Children with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis.  Healing, Complications and Functional Outcome.
    Ahmed Hamed Kassem Abdelaal, Mohamed Sedki, Seham Gohar, Iman Zaki, Asmaa Salama Asmaa Salama, Omayma Hassanain and Ahmed M. Elghoneimy
    Accepted: 22/06/2020
  • Medical innovations to maintain the function in patients with chronic PJI for whom explantation is not desirable: a pathophysiology-, multidisciplinary- and experience-based approach
    Tristan Ferry, Cécile Batailler, Sophie Brosset, Camille Kolenda, Sylvain Goutelle, Elliot Sappey-Marinier, Jérôme Josse, Frédéric Laurent and Sébastien Lustig
    Accepted: 27/05/2020
  • No clinical benefit from gender specific total knee replacement implants: a systematic review
    Elliot Sappey-Marinier, John Swan, Cécile Batailler, Elvire Servien and Sébastien Lustig
    Accepted: 27/05/2020