SICOT-J - Forthcoming

  • An Evidence-Based Evaluation On The Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma In Orthopaedics - A Review Of The Literature
    Nasir Hussain, Herman Johal and Mohit Bhandari
    Accepted: 06/06/2017
  • Pediatric cervical spine injuries with neurological deficits, treatment options and potential for recovery
    Belal Elnady, Essam Elmorshidy, Mohamed El-Meshtawi and Ahmed Shawky
    Accepted: 26/05/2017
  • Proximal Femoral derotation osteotomy for idiopathic excessive femoral anteversion and Intoeing gait.
    Gohar Naqvi, Kuldeep Stohr and Andreas Rehm
    Accepted: 18/05/2017
  • Longus Colli Tendinitis. A Review of the Literature and Case Series
    Ahmed Shawky, Belal Elnady, Essam Elmorshidy, Wael Gad and Ali Ezzati
    Accepted: 09/05/2017
  • Results of Arthroscopic Treatment of Chondral Delamination in Femoroacetabular Impingement with Bone Marrow Stimulation and BST-CarGel(R).
    Mahmoud Fathy Tahoun, Tamer Aly Shehata, Inmaculada Ormazabal, Javier Sanz, Jesus Mas and Marc Tey Pons
    Accepted: 09/05/2017
  • Computer assisted navigation in total knee and hip arthroplasty
    Kamal Deep, Shivakumar Shankar and Ashish Mahendra
    Accepted: 19/04/2017
  • Osteosarcoma: A Comprehensive Review
    Amirhossein Misaghi, Amanda Goldin, Moayd Awad and Anna Kulidjian
    Accepted: 15/04/2017
  • Difference Between Biomarkers Of Tibial Bone Marrow Or Adipose Tissue
    Ersin Kuyucu, Mehmet Erdil, Adnan Kara and Murat Bülbül
    Accepted: 21/03/2017
  • Management of Soft Tissue Tumors of the Upper Extremity: A Review
    Kevin T Jubbal, Gehaan D'Souza, Reid A Abrams and Anna Kulidjian
    Accepted: 28/12/2016
  • Spino-pelvic radiological parameters in normal Indian population
    ROOP SINGH, Sushil Kumar Yadav, Sushma Sood, Rohtash Kumar Yadav and Ravi Rohilla
    Accepted: 15/01/2016
  • Relationship of patient and hospital characteristics and postoperative improvement in patient quality of life after knee arthroplasty.
    Joseph El-Sheikha
    Accepted: 20/07/2015