SICOT-J - Forthcoming

  • Patient-Specific Instruments: Advantages and Pitfalls
    Mahmoud A. Hafez and Kirti Moholkar
    Accepted: 09/10/2017
  • Novel Anatomical-Based Surgical Technique for Positioning of the Patellar Component in Total Knee Arthroplasty
    Chahine Assi, Nadim Kheir, Camille Samaha, Moussa Chamoun and kaissar yammine
    Accepted: 08/10/2017
  • Canal to diaphysis ratio as a risk factor for hip fractures and hip fracture pattern
    Prasad Ellanti, Kunal Mohan, Andrew Moriarity, Niall Hogan and Tom McCarthy
    Accepted: 25/09/2017
  • THINK Surgical TSolution-One® (Robodoc) Total Knee Arthroplasty
    MING HAN LINCOLN LIOW, Pak Lin Chin, Hee Nee Pang, Darren Keng-Jin Tay and Seng-Jin Yeo
    Accepted: 25/09/2017
  • Does smoking affect the outcomes of lumbar decompression surgery?
    Radha Mehta and Himanshu Sharma
    Accepted: 07/09/2017
  • CEMENTED OR CEMENTLESS TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY ? comparative results of 200 cases at a minimum follow up of 11 years
    Jean-Louis Prudhon and Regis Verdier
    Accepted: 21/08/2017
  • Combined 3-part Humeral Anterior Fracture-dislocation and Humeral Shaft Fracture treated with One-stage Long stem shoulder hemiarthroplasty in an Active Elderly Patient. A case report and review of literature
    guillaume herzberg and eloise tebaa
    Accepted: 30/07/2017
  • ACL status in arthroplasty patients, why not to preserve?
    Ahmed Abdel Badie, Ahmed Ali Toreih and Mohammed Mahmoud Radwan
    Accepted: 17/07/2017
  • Arthroscopic Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation in the Hip for the treatment of full-thickness cartilage defects. A case series of 29 patients and review of the literature.
    Steffen Thier, Christel Weiss and Stefan Fickert
    Accepted: 30/05/2017
  • Osteosarcoma: A Comprehensive Review
    Amirhossein Misaghi, Amanda Goldin, Moayd Awad and Anna Kulidjian
    Accepted: 15/04/2017
  • Spino-pelvic radiological parameters in normal Indian population
    ROOP SINGH, Sushil Kumar Yadav, Sushma Sood, Rohtash Kumar Yadav and Ravi Rohilla
    Accepted: 15/01/2016
  • Relationship of patient and hospital characteristics and postoperative improvement in patient quality of life after knee arthroplasty.
    Joseph El-Sheikha
    Accepted: 20/07/2015