Publication of the first articles!

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The first articles of the new open access journal SICOT-J are now available. The papers which are all free to access span a wide range of research in orthopaedics surgery and traumatology.

Here is a selection of the first published articles

Avoidance of external fixation pin induced rotational stiffness in the forearm; a cadaver study of soft tissue displacement relative to the varying position of radius and ulna fixation

Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh, Matt D.A. Fletcher and Leonid N. Solomin

Anatomic variation of palmaris longus and flexor digitorum superficialis of little finger in Indian population

Aakash Mugalur, Sunil M Shahane, Ashwin Samant, Aditya C Pathak, Atul Patil And Rajeev Reddy

Odontoid Process Fractures: The Role of the Ligaments in Maintaining Stability. A biomechanical, cadaveric study

Oliver Richard Boughton, Jason Bernard and Matthew Szarko
…backed by the name and reputation of SICOT, as well as the quality it stands for, we have immediately set high standards for acceptance (the rejection rate is already above 60%), in order to establish this journal within the list of quality journals in the field of orthopaedics”, say Professors Hatem Said and Jacques Caton, Editors-in-Chief of SICOT-J.

"As a result, the first articles were published after systematic double blind peer reviewing, and are now available online.”

SICOT-J places a high priority on rapid publication and seeks to publish a broad range of research study types including original clinical, basic and translational research. In addition, the journal publishes editorials, review articles, surgical technique papers, and case reports as well as the latest congress proceedings and letters to the editors.

SICOT-J publishes articles under a CC-BY license, enabling authors to be fully compliant with open access requirements of funding organizations where they apply. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts and during the first year of publication article processing charges are waived.

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