Instructions for authors updated as part of an active quality improvement process

SICOT-J is continually striving to improve in order to meet the expectations of its readers and authors.

As part of this ongoing development, we have recently updated the instructions for authors with new compulsory sections to be completed or inserted within article submissions.

Sections that have been updated:

  • Funding
  • Ethical approval
  • Informed consent in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration
  • Author contributions

We also would like to bring your attention to some information relevant to post publication corrections that have been added on to our website.

Editors-in-Chief, Jacques Caton and Andreas F. Mavrogenis, are driving continuous improvement at SICOT-J and these updates are an important step towards more rigorous quality control and observance of current rules and regulations. Recently, SICOT-J was awarded the DOAJ Seal for “best practice in open access publishing”, a gratifying recognition of the excellent work SICOT-J is doing.

We encourage authors to take a look at the updated instructions for authors before submitting and trust that our active quality improvement process meets with their approval.