Introducing the new Editorial Board of SICOT-J – improved structure and new appointments

In January 2021, Dr. Andreas F. Mavrogenis was appointed as the new co-Editor-in-Chief of SICOT-J alongside Dr. Jacques Caton, who continues to serve as co- Editor-in-Chief. As dedicated and responsible Editors-in-Chief, one of their duties is to increase the quality of their journal and to raise interest in it. Part of caretaking the journal, its reviewers and authors effectively, has been to look for established, well connected scientists within the orthopaedic surgery and traumatology community to join the journal as Deputy, Associate or Section Editors.

These scientists have been identified through their expertise in Orthopaedics and Traumatology to help bring SICOT-J higher up the list of high-quality publications in the field. By ensuring quality and representation among existing key specialties, and developing the journal to its full potential, the Editors-in-Chief aim to expand its expertise with recognised specialists in new areas.

“We believe that Editors-in-Chief who wish to increase the prestige and visibility of their journal should aim to increase the impact, reputation and attractiveness of their journal among members of the community. We look forward to doing this within the Orthopaedics community.” Dr. Andreas F. Mavrogenis.

SICOT-J is therefore pleased to announce its restructured Editorial Board. The new board includes esteemed scientists and well-respected members of the community, who are highly specialised and skilled in Orthopaedics and in their own field of interest. They are prestigious authors, scientists and surgeons with longstanding careers in Orthopaedics.

The role of Deputy Editor is similar to that of the Editors-in-Chief. The role of Associate Editor is very much that of an ambassador for the journal. The Editors-in-Chief plan to keep the involvement of Deputy and Associate Editors in the peer review process of articles to a minimum, but welcome any support they can provide with regards to projects for the journal’s editorial development. The Editors-in-Chief will be seeking their advice and input constantly.

A number of new Section Editors have also been appointed to the updated Editorial Board. The role of the Section Editors is to review specific manuscript types that are closely related to their field of expertise (knee, hip, spine etc.). Often, these editors make final decisions on their assigned manuscripts, but the Editors-in-Chief may wish to review decisions. Section Editors are therefore the ‘backbone’ of the journal’s review process.

Overall, the new-look Editorial Board aims to oversee and improve the review process of the journal, to bring a wealth of experience to support and develop the journal, to increase the quality of the published papers so as to increase the pool for citations for the journal, and therefore, to increase the visibility and the prestige of the journal. “…standing on the shoulders of giants…” will help the journal to see and go further.

The Editors-in-Chief and editorial team appreciate the interest and continuous support for SICOT-J, and encourage all Editorial Board members and readers to submit their own articles to the journal. For SICOT members publishing in SICOT-J, a 30% discount is available. SICOT-J is indexed in Scopus and was recently awarded the DOAJ Seal for demonstrating “best practice in open access publishing”.